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In December, 2004, Becky (crabbytabby1) challenged the folks in the former Susan's Imaging Artists NG to do something, anything goes, with an image she'd created from scratch at Image Magick. Becky used the various "Primitives" of the Draw tool to create this image. We thought you would like to see what different points of view and creativity can do with the same image.

Here's Becky's original Draw:

Here are the results of this challenge. Imagers appear in alphabetical order:

BECKY (crabbytabby1): I matted, then took the orginal, spread 40x40, comp the "gif" diff blur 20x20 comp bumpmap,  did several other comps, rotated, comp, rotated, etc.

BECKY (beckylpn): Nothing fancy, just plasma bg, rotates, comp/screen, comp/diff.

BLOSSOM (blossom1999): I flipped, composite original on difference, 15x15 black border, draw round rectangle (+10+10 +270+270 +10 +12) gold-----1. Very simple.

FLO (tonebytone): First I resized so I had 5 sizes. Then I comped the next 3 (in decreasing size) with the largest, using "Screen" for each and adjusting the offsets from Center Gravity. Rotated right (or left), then comped "Darken" with the smallest, in 2 places.

Took the output above and used Enhance/Negate:

JEAN (lnjweaver): I just added a thimble & a couple of needles with thread.. then equalize .. Becky's creation made me think of sewing,,, spools of thread & the bobbin so visable..... pieces of fabric & patterns...

RON (puzzleman2): He composited Becky's image with one from Nef.

SLEEPER (SLEE_per): She thought this was fun, but didn't say how she did it. Can you guess some of the things she did?

LINDA (LingoLinda): here's her version.

We hope that looking at the imaging results of various artists has given you some ideas to use for your own imaging.

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