by Florence W Deems

Here's a way to use an image instead of a bullet (circle or square) in an Unordered List. First, you must put into the head tag the following CSS style:

In the body of the page, you simply put the list wherever you want it and the images will appear in front of each <li> Close the list normally.

  • OK, this is the first list item.

  • And this is the second list item.

  • Gotta say something different for this third list item, or you'll get bored!

I tried this with an Ordered List, putting another <style> tag into the head, except substituting ol for the ul and changing the image url. BUT, that didn't work. Instead of an image, I got the numerals, as usual. So, for now, we can use images only in the Definition and Unordered Lists.

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