by Florence W Deems


  • This text should appear as red. This time I'm using the span tag for font size, color and weight, instead of the font tags.

  • Now this text should be green. Again using the span tag for everything.

  • For all the List Item text, including this purple, I'm placing the span tags after the Unordered List tag, but before each list tag.

  • Also, the closing span tags are placed after the closing list tags. This text is orange.

This text is not within a list, so it should be the blue color of the page's text.

Next I'm going to try to use the span tag to make the circles larger, like I did on the previous page for the squares.

  • The color of this first item is red.
  • The color of this second item is green.

Now I am back to normal text ouside of any list. I am disappointed that although the circles are larger, they still have very thin circumference lines.

But even though I had to use two span tags for the two different font sizes, only one closing span tag is necessary. The spacing this time is controlled by the larger font size.

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