Those of us who have been building webpages for a long while have used two basic tags: the bgsound and the embed tags. However, as browsers have been updated periodically and more and more different browsers have entered the scene, these two tags can cause problems now (2014). So we need to find a way to embed sound on a webpage that works for as many browsers as possible.

Here is the best one I have found so far and works in many browsers (May 3, 2014):

El Condor Pasa

For a discussion of several various ways of putting sound files on a webpage, their pros and cons, and demonstrations of each, please see W3 Schools.

Here is a very old music help page that I wrote way back when MSN-TV was still around, perhaps before 2001. You can see just what was viable then, if you are interested in a history lesson!

Note: Some modern browsers, like Apple's Safari, have withdrawn support for midi files! But other browsers, like IE and Chrome, still support midi files. Midi files are not real music files. They consist of software codes that tell the browser which musical instrument or other sounds to play. But mp3 and other sound files have the sounds embedded into them. It's analogous to a midi file being the sheet music and the mp3 file is the actual orchestra. So if other browsers follow Apple's lead, soon midi files may be a thing of the past.

Here is an online tool that converts all sorts of music and other types of files. This particular url is for converting midi files to mp3 files. You may want to bookmark this site.

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