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PageMaster Dave's General Sounds SWF Collection
PageMaster Dave's Outdoors Sounds SWF Collection

Please note that these files may disappear some time this year, as they may not be renewed. SWFs are a special sound file type. When you put them on a webpage, you must use an image tag. For a webpage, use the .swf extension for the sound file url. The swf sound will play ONLY as long as the .swf is onscreen. So place the image tag for the .swf file where it will be present on the screen. You may or may not notice the .swf, as it will appear as a 1x1 pixel sized image. Example:

.au Sound Files
Many subjects. 1992-1994, sound quality not very clear, but you can tell what most of the sounds are supposed to be.

Stone Washed Sounds
Nine pages of annotated links to sound sites.

Archive of Animal Sounds
Apple computers can play the mp3 files on this site. This is a great site for finding just about any animal or bird sound you'd want. Note: many if not all of the .au files are no longer available.

Index of Animal Sounds
You can find just about any animal and bird sound here you'd ever want, also. These are arranged in a scientific classification order, but that won't stop you from finding what you want. Also many links to other sites offering bird and animal sounds. And a live webcam or two! A great site.


MIDI, WAV, MP3 & Lyrics Search Engine
It lends itself well to "genre" queries (e.g. blues, jazz, hip-hop, etc.), as well as specific artist / song title queries, so it may produce what you seek (.... try just "Mozart").

Find Sounds Search Engine
Sometimes a person wants to put sounds instead of music on a webpage. Here's a great search engine for just this purpose! For instance, when I entered "water" I got 133 sound files about water, but one of them was of a water pipit singing!

Many Things' MIDI Search
Direct-access to MIDI Explorer, and vanBasco's MIDI File Search. You can limit the number of returns and certain other parameters. The last also will search for Karaoke files. A link to a site listing other sites with MIDI files and an alt.binaries newsgroup for requests. Plus a few other related links.

USE A REGULAR SEARCH ENGINE and look for midi pages. This way you may be able to learn the source of the midis and whether they're copyrighted and by whom.

For instance, at Google you can type in the search box the subject, then a domain or server url. Google will then pull up all the websites on that server devoted to the subject. To get the first url, I typed in - music sites: - and the search turned up over 1900 listings! For the second url, I typed in - music site:// - and got over 300 listings.

What Was No. 1 on the Day You Were Born?
A strictly for-fun site! Enter your date of birth, then click on the British or USA flag and find out which song was first on the charts that day! If you were born before 1952 (UK) or 1955 (USA), use your 18th (coming of age) or other significant birthday.


Coutney's Music Site
This site has everything one would ever want to know about bands, singers, concerts, photos, TV appearances 2002, contact info, music quotes, official sites, fansites, music games, internet radio stations (worldwide), message board, all about Courtney, etc, etc! An amazing website! No playable midis listed.

Here's the graphics page.


Sound Tags
A tutorial covering most aspects of placing background music on webpages, using HTML and Javascript.

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Flo's Music Pages
MP3 playing is "Toot Toot Tootsie"
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