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Kids' Music Room
Lots of songs plus lyrics.

Sing Along Songs for Kids
Many, many children's songs with lyrics, too.

A Wee Kids' Songbook
Each song has its own illustated page with the words. You'll have to source each to get the midi url- it's a tripod site.

Kiddie MIDIs
Quite a few kiddie songs, funny and serious.

Disney Songs - Hundred Acre Woods
Looks like this site has all the major songs from all of the Disney movies to date!


Strictly Carribean
Beautiful music here for all you Carribean lovers. You may transload, upload or LINK!

Seminole Wind's Native American Midis
Some of these sound like modern arrangements of traditional melodies and rhythms. Others were probably composed by NA musicians. No information is given on this page.

Scotish Bagpipe Midis
Quite a few here for the lover of bagpipe music.

Hawaiian Music
Lots and lots of light pleasant music here, Hawaiian, other Latin, several pop styles. Band, piano and guitar.

Gest's Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador
Here's lots of folk and other songs sung and sequenced by Eastern Canadian musicians. 574 songs, 126 midi files, 132 tabs (lyrics?), 74 scores.

Kasumitu's Classical Midis
This is the English index of a Japanese site. Emphasis on music for flutes in the first section. Lots of Western Classical and Japanese composers featured here. Many of the midis are a little heavy on the piano at the expense of the other instruments.

Dave's National Anthem Collection
Dave has midis of national anthems of 118 countries! NOTE: This page may disappear some time this year (2014) as it may not be renewed.


Dolphins Dream Linkable Midis
Site specializes in beautiful quiet, reflective music.

Norbert's Linkable Midis
Many, many midis of all genres. In fact, three whole pages. See also Page 2 and Page 3.


Scanned Player Piano Rolls
This site lists hundreds of player piano pieces that the owner has scanned and converted ino midis. Only those songs before 1923 are available for free download. There are plenty of these, however, dating back as far as 1888!. This site is a real treasure trove of early 20th century music.

Memory Stirring Music
Annotated with this lady's reminiscences of the songs her parents loved and played when she was growing up.

Music from the 50s & 60s
Huge selection. Scroll down to the bottom for songs from other eras, too, including the 1990s.

Oldies Artists Museum
Beatles, etc.


Composers & Artists Offering Free MIDIs
This is an old site, the links have not been checked for validity since 2005, but newer ones have been added.

Dr. Walden Hughes' Midis
An unusual site. Free midis of his own arrangements of lots of classical music, plus the scores are also free! These unusual arrangements are for piano-four hands, two pianos or four pianos or even eight! With one or more pianists playing each piano.

Gitpicker Harry Todd's Midis
If you had bookmarked the old url, this is the new one. Todd is a professional guitarist and has sequenced all these himself. Specializes in Country and Broadway tunes.


Norbert's Linkable Valentine Midis
Lots of totally linkable love songs here to choose from.

Norbert's Linkable St. Patrick's Day Midis
Lots of totally linkable Irish tunes for your choice.

Patriotic Songs MIDIs
here's a page from Music Robot's Search for "Patriotic Songs."

Prairie Frontier's Midis
Lot's of stuff here about the USA and America, some patriotic, some from movies.

Rob's Dark Midis
Rob (Table Doc) has put together this selection of dark-toned, somber and sometimes downright spooky midis, many of which could be perfect for Halloween spooky pages.

Norbert's Linkable Halloween Midis
Lots of totally linkable spooky music for you.

NOTE: The following Christmas midi sites all have many songs in common. But it is worth visiting all of them, as there are different versions of the same songs. And each site has a few that the other sites don't have.

Christmas Midis from Brother Charles
Brother Charles, a Carmelite monk, has compiled a wonderful collection from all over the world. There are also several versions each of some of our favorite Christmas carols. This site is well worth visiting.

Norbert's Linkable Christmas Midis
Lots of totally linkable music for Christmas and the holiday season.

Free Christmas Carols & Lyrics

Mods are really Rich Music Fomat, but with wav sound quality. Please note that Apple computers can not play mod, xm, rmf, etc. files.

Magic Man's Mods
Lots of great mods here, some new to me, some fast, some slow, some soud, some loud.


Please note that Apple computers can not play this type of music file. Also, your browser may make you download these files before you can play them.

RMF (Rich Music Format)

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