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Please note: Apple's Safari browser has stopped supporting midi sound files. Google's Chrome and Microsoft's IE and some other browsers do support midi files. However, since midi files are not really true music files, other browsers may drop their support, too. Midi files tell the browser what sounds in its software to play, like sheet music tells the musicians what to play. But the other sound files, such as mp3's, are like hearing the orchestra play.

So I would recommend that you start converting your midi files to mp3. They'll also sound better and louder as mp3's. Here's a good online file converter tool that works very well. This website also has tools for converting text files.


The World of Midi Music
This Netherlands-based midi site probably can lay claim to having the world's largest collection, over 5000! Arranged alphabetically by title. File size is provided for each midi. Also, there are several mirror websites listed.

Midi Sound Files
467 links here, covering general, classical, folk, ethnic, composers' own work, etc genres. Well worth visiting.

The Free Site's Index
Lists many sites that offer free wav files of all sorts of sounds.

Partners in Rhyme MIDI List
Categorized by singers' and groups' names, plus some miscellaneous categories. MIDIs are royalty-free for personal use. Partners also sells CD-ROMs for computers with the MIDIs, plus sound effects and more.

Rose's Midi Pages
A full page, alphabetical by title, of each of the following: sacred, gospel, worship, patriotic, classical, nostalgia, 1950s, Christmas, country, kids. Delightful!


Larrie Dee's Big Band Music
What makes this site special are the notes for each midi title that tell something about the history of each song, who wrote, recorded, when and sometimes the recording history.

Kasura's Flute Midi
Classical music for flute solos or ensembles. A lot of wonderful music here.

Pagemaster's Collection of Drum Rhythms
If you are a drummer, or just love to listen to rhythms, this is the index for you! Many genres. Some computers can not unzip these gzipped files. NOTE: This site may not be renewing, so may disappear some time this year. (2014)

Magic Man's Midis
Lots of different midis here, mostly easy listening.

Irish Songs & Lyrics
Lots of links to midis of well known and not-so well known Irish songs and their lyrics.

All Piano Midis by Gnubee
Lots of pages with lots of midis. A very eclectic collection, with something for everyone.

iink's MIDIs
Lots of goodies here.

Thumbnail Bios of Classical Music Composers
Interesting bio sketches plus pictures of many famous composers. Also links to commentaries about individual compositions. Some links to more comprehensive websites of certain composers.

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Flo's Music Pages
MP3 playing is "Waterfall"
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