Using Images as Links
Border Attribute

by Florence W Deems

Do you want to dress up your pages that contain links? Use an image, although to save space, you may want to choose a small image. Make the image into a link. Also, in the body tag, specify the link color as different from the text color. Then make the vlink a third color. For the image, add this to the image tag: border="2"

Fot this page, text color is white, link color is red, and vlink color is yellow. Click on any image and go to the linked page. When you come back to this page, you will find the different vlink color has caused the border color to change for the image you clicked on!

See the textarea box below for the codes to make this work.

Please NOTE: pc users with IE 11 and Windows 7 will see only white borders and no border will change color when the link is visited!

All of these borders should look red, except for the last one of the crow. I did not add a url for this link. And so this border will appear yellow, unless I put a url into the <a href> tag.

Thursday 23rd of May 2024 02:00:42 AM

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