by Florence W Deems
  1. In box paste in the url of the test image.
    Click on "View"

  2. Next screen: Image appears.
    Click on the "Resize" tab - top of the page.

  3. Next screen: Delete the numbers in the "Image Size" box. Type in 10%.
    Click on the "Resize" button. Ignore all else.

  4. Next screen: Click on the "Resize" tab again.

  5. Next screen: Delete the numbers in the box. Type in: 544x372! - important to use the exclamation points to get exact size.

  6. To save, click on the "Output" tab at the top of the page.

  7. Next screen: Move cursor down - click on "Single File" - ignore all else.
    Click on "Output" button below that.

  8. Next screen: Click on small image.

  9. Next screen: Full-sized image. Get the temporary url and beam or TL to your file manager.

The 544x372 image from Image Magick - zoomed.

Go back now to IM and redo the steps above from #1-5. Then instead of clicking on "zoom" (#6), click on "scale." Do the subsequent steps just as above. The image below is what you'll see.

The 544x372 image from Image Magick - scaled.

Thanks to Sally for pointing out the diference between
"resize" (zoom) and "scale."

Why Resize?

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