by Florence W Deems

All the pages in this whole Borders tutorial have a div in the head tag that is included inside a table cell which has border="0", for centering on the screen. The border-top-left-radius property allows you to add a rounded border to the top-left corner. Similarly, adding the border-top-right-radius, the border-bottom-left-radius, and the border-bottom-right-radius will allow you a border with all four corners rounded and with different radii like the ones you see here. Radii are expressed in "em" rather than pixels.

For this page:

Top left = 2em; bottom left = 6em;
top right = 6em; and bottom right = 2em.

Or if you want the radii of all the corners the same, then use "border-radius:2em;" instead.

Remember to include a DOCTYPE tag, such as <!DOCTYPE html>
to start the page, or IE 8 might show peculiar results.

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