by Florence W Deems
Want a special background for your table (or for the whole page)?

If the image is larger than the table or cell, only the upper left part will show.

If it is smaller, then it'll show once completely, then only parts of it will tile and show in the rest of the cell.

But when you know the exact size of your table or cell, you can resize many images to fit precisely. Just resize the image at one of the image manipulation sites! Here's some examples:

This is the original bg image that tiles nicely. It is 100X100.

If your table cell is 150X150, here's what it'll look like:

Resized to 150X150 it looks balanced in the table:

You can also change the color in addition to resizing:

Here it is resized to 544X372:

Or streeeetch it for a banner bg:

There's lots of things you can do with an image to use as a background for a table, cell or page, simply by resizing.

Resizing at Image Magick
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