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"SNOW" Down a Page

by Florence W. Deems

Using a special script developed by Krishna Eydat, we can make it snow on our pages. You won't want to do this on every single page. Special effects can be over-done. But just a few pages or maybe one per season wouldn't be too much.

Making a page like this is fun. The "snowflakes" are created by using the asterisk * for whatever fonts you choose. I discovered by playing around with this script that I can use various letters and numerals and create different effects. And then I figured out how to put a small image in place of the letters.

No matter whether you use the asterisk symbol, some other symbol, letters, numerals, asci combos or images, they'll all flow from the top of the page down. Movement is random, meaning that they all fall at different speeds as the script multiplies the numbers of objects that appear.

We can control which fonts we use, which symbols other than the asterisk we want, the colors that the symbols will appear, the number of symbols to appear and their size range.

Below you'll find the link to the textarea box that you can use to copy the whole script so you can paste it into a page to try it.

To start your page, you put the DOCTYPE tag, then the usual html tag, the head and the body tag by which you determine the bgcolor and text, link, etc colors you want. You don't need to add text and link color to the body tag unless you want to.

For some reason, when I first used this script on this page, it wouldn't work! I have been using the HTML 5 doctype tag on my pages. I've discovered to my dismay that certain neat effects run by simple or complex scripts won't work when that tag is present! So I removed that tag - and lo and behold, this script worked! BUT, IE 8 will not load any page that's missing a doctype tag! I discovered that this script will work with the old HTML 3 doctype tag, but not the HTML 4 or HTML 5 tags. Here it is below:


Here is the whole page codes. Please note the way the page is set up before placing this script on it. There are two parts to this script. The part we can change is the upper part; the part we should not change because it's the part that actually runs the effects, is the lower part.

The Whole Script

Below are links to the several pages that I made. At the bottom of each page is a link to the codes that show the changes I made to the top part of this script. No point in copying the bottom part each time, as it doesn't change. But you must remember to include it, or nothing will work!

Snow Flakes on black
It's Snowing Flowers!
Font Fun ~ Flo's Donuts
Image Snow ~ Davys Asterisk
Card Game ~ Valentine Card

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