by Florence W. Deems

NOTE: THIS EFFECT NO LONGER WORKS. THIS TUTORIAL IS NOT IN USE. This page contains a discussion about only the codes that make the text of the title appear to have a glow-shadow effect.

Please note that the textarea box has been modified, using HTML codes. So if you want to see these codes, too, you will have to source this whole page. The textarea box shows only the codes used to make the glow-shadow title text.

I do not understand these glow-shadow codes when taken as a whole as presented here. This is because if I remove the second <p> (followed by the <style> tag), then the shadow effect totally disappears!

Nor do I understand why the first paragraph is placed above the second paragraph, as it doesn't seem to have any effect by itself!

Please note: For this page to load for IE 8, it needs a doctype tag! But this effect will show up ONLY with the html 3 doctype tag, not the html 4 or html 5 tags! Here is the html 3 tag below:


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