by Florence W. Deems

Here's how to use a whole table as a link. You can make a table with more than one table cell (td) and color each of them differently, or add colorful images to the cells.

You can also use only one cell as the link while surrounding it with other rows and cells. The trick here is to put a few text symbols inside the cell that are the same color as the cell's background color. Here I used the percent and the ampersand symbols - %&% - to fill up the cell so the cursor will show that this is a link.


To learn how to make a glow-shadow title, please go to this page. Please note: for IE 8 to even load a page, the page must start with a doctype tag. For this effect of shadowed text (see title) to show up, only the html 3 doctype gat will work, not the html 4 or html 5. Then all browsers will "read" your page correctly. Below is the html 3 doctype tag:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN"> Flo's Table Playground

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