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  1. Text shadow effects can be coded onto a page, using the style tag, but only ONE effect will work on each page. If you try to put two different colors of text and shadows, then the second one will end up affecting all the others before it. Click to see a page with colorful text-shadow effects. This page will have the real effects. Click on the light blue Directions to go to the directions page. If you click on the white url, you will go to my main introduction page for all my websites.

  2. Text Shadow effects. Browsers no longer support the Glow effect, which is unfortunate. It gave a totally different effect. So we must use different style codes to get a shadow effect on the left and bottom sides of each text letter.

  3. Want to indent a paragraph or two from both the left and the right sides without having to insert a table? Here's how you can use blockquote tags to do this.

  4. Directions for putting random quotes on a webpage.

  5. Finally, fancy up your page with marquees!

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