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  1. Highlighting the background of just a word or phrase:

    This is a sentence with some Highlighted Text in it. Note also that the highlighted text is bold.

  2. This same technique can be used with a "p" instead of a "b." The "b" means "bold" while "p" means to start a new "paragraph."

    Now this whole paragraph will have Highlighted Text in it. But none of the words are "bold."

  3. We can also use the "span" style tag for adding a different background color to text or to just one word in a text line! Just put this code into the line:

    You will now see that two words in this paragraph have a background color.

    For the above three tags, use the color name or a hexadecimal number preceded by "#" and, if necessary, adjust your font color to show over it...and don't miss the "colon" or it won't work for older browsers!

  4. Underlining a word in a sentence:

    Here's a sentence with this word underlined.

  5. Combine two of the above effects:

    This sentence combines two effects. Please note that you must use a "semi colon" between the "background" and the "text-decoration" attributes to separate them so browsers read the tag correctly.

  6. For a quick button trick to change the color of all the text on a page, please go to this page.

  7. Here's a neat trick to highlight a section of text in animated fashion.

Five more tricks! ~ Text Shadow Effect

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