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by Florence W Deems

Now we come to a bunch of miscellaneous marquee effects. As I run across more attributes and effects, I'll be adding them here.

The first involves two side-by-side marquees that seem to be one and the same:

<<<Opposite Direction Marquees>>>


Now for movement in the opposite directions - instead of starting in the center and moving away from each other, the two marquees can start at the edges and move towards each other. Simply switch the direction="right" from the second marquee to the first one. By default, then, the second one will move to the left:


Let's make the two crows stop before they hit each other:


Note that I added behavior="slide" and had to use percents for the width, because widths in pixels didn't work. Perhaps I chose too few pixels. If you want to see this effect again, you'll have to reload the page.

Also there are several marquees on this page and this seems to affect the starting times of each. Ordinarily, if only one pair was present, they would both start at the same time.

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