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by Florence W Deems

Now we come to some fancy effects to dress up our marquees. First comes a background color that's different from the text color:

Red and yellow

Sometimes we might want a border around the marquee, especially if its background color is light. The first border below has a width of 2, the second is 10. The bigger the number, the wider the border:

My border is 2 pixels wide.

My border is 10 pixels wide.

How about making an image behave like a marquee? It's easy to do. Just use the code below. You can also change the direction of the scroll. It can travel "right" or "left" or "up" or "down" your choice. I also restricted the width to "50%" of this page:

Here's another image effect - add some text:

Hi! I'm a crow!

At last, here's a marquee with an image for a background instead of a solid color. Just put the marquee into a table, like so:

I made this background!

Finally! Let's see how much in the way of modifications we can use in the marquee tag without overwhelming it visually. A marquee automatically centers itself 3 pixels above absolute vertical center. Not too much one can do about this. You can notice this in the marquee below the way it has placed itself slightly above the vertical center of the table:

This is one loaded marquee

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Blinking Marquee

For a reference, please see:

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