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by Florence W Deems

This tutorial covers how to use the very simple html marquee tag. Some browsers may not support this tag, because it is not standard html. To avoid having some browsers not support your marquee, you need to use the so-called CSS Marquee codes. These are a whale of a lot more complicated.

So on to the html codes. First we have the Basic Marquee. The code couldn't be simpler! This speed is automatically built into the basic code. Text size is controlled by a span tag. Here it is in action:

Here I come, skipping along!

OK, now let's do something entirely different. Below we have flipped the marquee, so it travels vertically upwards instead of horizontally:

Look, Ma - no balloon!

OH NO!!! Wait for it!

YOWZER! My balloon popped!

Marquees do like to dress up once in a while!

How do you like my new dress?

How about sliding in from the right and then stopping? You must refresh this page to see this effect again, though:

Sliiiide > STOP!

You can make your marquee act like a silly child, too:

Such fun!

Now we come to SCROLLAMOUNT - by which designation you can control the speed of the marquee. The lower the number, the slower the speed:

Y A W N !!!

Time to wake up and walk faster!

OK, I'm warmed up and can run a bit!

Ready or not here I come!

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