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I want to indent with wider margins on both the left and right sides, but do not want to hassle with a table. This is a very easy trick. By using the <blockquote> and </blockquote> tags, all of the text between them is formatted with narrower margins on both sides.


The indented paragraph below is actually starting in the leftmost position.

This text is the paragraph that I have chosen to set off from the text above and below it. We also can use <br> and <p></p> tags to have more than one paragraph within the indented area. We do not need to use <br> tags or paragraph tags before or after the indented paragraph, because the blockquote tags have double line breaks built into them.

But if we want the indented text to be the same as the normal paragraphs, then we must put in the font or style tag again between the two blockquote tags.
I have finished my offset and am now back at the normal left and right margins.

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