by Florence W Deems

T his is a paragraph for testing the dropcap CSS style class. It seems to work nicely in Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers. Now we can fancy-up our pages by starting paragraphs using this CSS code. As you can see, we can control the font size as well as the color of the enlarged letter.

The following CSS style codes go in the head part of the page:

And then the following goes on the page where you want it to appear:

I had to put in a non-breaking space code

& n b s p ;

to have a space between the T and the rest of the letters. This code's effects even show up inside a textarea. Just close up the spaces - and there's a semicolon at the very end - you must include this or it won't work.

: : :


Here's another way to use fancy capital letters to open a paragraph. First you must get an image of the font and letter you want to use and size it appropriately. The image of the fancy A is 34w X 39h pixels. See the example below.

 LONG, LONG TIME AGO, in the middle of a large forest in Western Massachusetts, there lived a little girl who was about 14 years old and who loved baseball. She thought that if she had grown up in the Midwest...

The image tag will have align="left" added to it. I also put in the non-breaking space tag - see above.

::: ::: :::

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