Making an Image Gallery 2

by Florence W Deems

Here are the skeletal codes for a gallery or "quilt" of table art. Each td is 120x120 pixels. Build each piece inside these tds.

The caption will be the title of this display of art. It will look separate from the rest of the table.

There will be two rows of 4 across, plus optional title rows beneath each art row. In the first row, the 1st td has both width and height specified. The rest of the tds in this row have only widths. The 1st cell sets the heights for the entire row.

In the 2nd row (titles) the text sets the heights. Widths are set by the cells in the row above this row.

In the 3rd row (2nd row of art), only the 1st td needs to have the height set.

Remember to make your table art add up to only 120 pixels wide and 120 pixels high.

The table border has been set to "1" for demonstration purposes only. Remove it if you don't want the lines in the table.

Table Art Table Art Table Art Table Art
Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Title 4
Table Art Table Art Table Art Table Art
Title 5 Title 6 Title 7 Title 8

Please also see Image Art Gallery for more codes. Also, a display table using Bordercolor might make a different variation for a display table.

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