(and other symbols)
for the WEB

by Florence W Deems

This sentence should have the Hebrew character, aleph, א, embedded in it.

This sentence should have the Euro symbol, €, embedded in it

Aleph = & # x05D0;

Euro = & # x20AC;

Remember to close up the spaces when actually using these codes.

To produce the characters in the charts on the page below, start each character with

& # x (close spaces)

followed by the correct numbers and letters.

Put these codes in the sentence where you want the letter or symbol to appear.

Remember to type the semicolon ; at the end of each code.

Here's a lengthy chart that must have all these symbols and more!



Here's Unicode's chart for other non-Hebrew letters, etc.


Note: to read these pdf files, you must have Adobe's pdf reader installed. Google's Chrome browser has it installed and automatically updates it each time Adobe issues a new version.

Charset Codes Charts

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