by Florence W Deems

NOTE: Computers should have Helvetica installed, along with many other fonts. But Helvetica is not necessarily your computer default font. So, computer users, I have specified in the head tag that you will be seeing Helvetica on this page. All the codes below will work with any font style. Exception is the "big" tag. For Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers, the text size increases only up to the middle range. But the "small" tags works just fine. Go figure! I don't know how other browsers treat the "big" tag.

Helvetica belongs to the sanserif family of font styles. This means it doesn't contain any squiggles or tapered ends. This family of fonts is easier to read than the serif fonts on a screen. There's a lot we can do to vary the appearance of Helvetica, or any other sans-serif style font, so try these trick with some of the other fonts on your computer. In the examples below, all font sizes are 4.

  1. Helvetica - set the font and then just type away and what you see will be Helvetica or any other font that you have specified. Only the font size has been specified. To create the effects below, put the following tags inside the pair of font tags.

  2. <b></b> - This "bold" tag has been added after the font size tag to this line of text.

  3. <i></i> - This line of text is in italics.

  4. <u></u> - This line of text is underlined. You can make one or as many words as you like underlined.

  5. <tt></tt> - This is called teletype or typewriter effect.

  6. <strike></strike> - This tag produces a strike through effect. This same effect is produced by <s></s> as in these words.

  7. <q></q> - This tag produces quotation marks around the text. I did not actually type the quotation marks in either of these sentences.

  8. <sub></sub> - H2O - Subscript is below the line.

  9. <sup></sup> - H2O - Superscript above the line.

  10. <big></big> - This can be cumulative.

  11. <small></small> - This can be cumulative.

I did not close the first 2 <big> or <small> tags, to make this effect cumulative.

With <big> I started with size 2; for <small> starting is size 7.

With Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers, the number 11 in this ordered list simply will not show in the size it ought to. I don't know how this appears on other browsers.

To place a colored bg behind certain words only:

Use the hexadecimal number preceded by "#" - or substitute the color name, and adjust your font color to show over it...and include the "colon" or it won't work!

This is another quoting effect. It separates a phrase of text from the rest of the paragraph.

Use it in a regular paragraph, not in a list! It cancels the left indentation when used inside a list tag. Note: This tag doesn't seem to work with Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers: "phrase of text" is the way it should look in the first sentence.

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