by Florence W Deems

This special CSS3 style is NOT supported by Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions. But IE 10 and the other main browsers do support this property.

The style is called "newspaper" because modern newspapers - and sometimes magazines - have the text split into two or more columns. This makes it easier to read text on wider pages. Our eyes don't have to scan along very wide rows of words.

To make this page, it was just easier to put these columns onto a new page, rather than attach the columns section to the other tutorials about tricks with text. Also, to make this look halfway decent, I must think up lots of words, so there's enough to make a good looking page with two columns.

I have specified in the head tag, first, the number of columns. Then the number of pixels to show blank space between the columns, and finally, the color of the vertical "rules" or straight lines between the columns. Here you can get quite fancy with colors of the text and different colors for the rules. So just for kicks, this rule is blue instead of black like the text. Note that this style includes the column count, the column-gap, and the column-rule properties. If you do not want a rule between the columns, then just leave out the third section of the style in the head tag.

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