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Last updated, September 28, 2014
Color Charts, General -

Bodo's Color Chart

EchoEcho's Color Charts

Flo's 216 Colors

Flo's Bunches of Browns

Gernot Metze's Color Cubes

HiTMillL's Color Charts

HiTMillL's Subtle & Pastel Color Charts's Triadic Color Harmony's Color Wheel's Color Chart

Jazzy-J's Links to Color Charts

Links to Color Charts

List of Colors by The Professor

>Pastels by Color Family

Sally's Funeral Blacks

Sally's Wedding Whites

Space Man's Color Tools & Charts

Theodora's General Color Chart

U-L-T-R-A's Giant Color Chart


Color Matters
A most complete and comprehensive website devoted to all aspects of color, from how we see color (brain) and how it affects our bodies, to how it works in computers and TVs, plus all the other stuff you've never even known about.

Causes of Color
Similar, yet very different from the above site. The understanding of color is arranged from a different perspective. Both sites are valuable for an understanding of color and our relationship to it.


Bodo's Color Chart -
This chart has been divided into 5 pages for easier and quicker loading. Color names in that particular color, plus the hex codes.

NEW! EchoEcho's color charts -
Divided into 16 squares, these charts are easy to read and very intuitive to use. All colors are "safe."

Flo's 216 Color Chart -
Everyone has their own way of organizing colors. This is mine.

Flo's Bunches of Browns -
Charts of browns, from lightest to darkest. Two pages (so far) of different browns displayed as rectangles with hex codes.

Gernot Metze's Color Cubes -
I snitched these color cubes from an old 1997 page by Gernot Metze so it is easier to see them. The colors are tabled in a diagonal fashion. One table shows pure hues shading to black, the other shading to white.

HiTMillL's Color Chart -
Lots of different ways to look at colors. Links to their other color charts. See next link.

HiTMilL's Subtle & Pastel Color Charts -
Beautiful charts arranged according to color families. Great for seeing exactly which ones our browsers can differentiate.'s Triadic Color Harmony -
This is technically part of color theory, but the color wheel shown on this page is a great tool. A white triangle shows which hue triads harmonize with each other. Just mentally move the triangle around to select other triads. What you see is my modification of this chart, so it can be read easier.'s Color Wheel -
I TLed this chart to my own File Manager, as sometimes these useful charts disappear.'s Color Chart -
This is a huge gif. You can probably read it here. I'm also glad that I TLed these charts, as Inherent's pages no longer exist.

Jazzy-J's Links to Color Charts -
Would you believe 46 charts and 14 cubes? I wonder whether Jazzy-J has found them all!

Links to Color Charts -
This one is a links page with very large font size.

List of Colors by The Professor -
The named colors with their hex codes, including all the many grays! The text colors correspond to the colors listed. So you can change the bg color to see which text colors go with your selection. A link to a hex to rgb converter.

Pastels by Color Family -
Pastels arranged horizontally across page with color names and hex codes. A beautiful labor of love.

Sally's Funeral Blacks -
Sally has put together some grays on a mottled black background.

Sally's Wedding Whites -
A chart similar to the black above, but using pastels approaching white on a mottled light gray background.

Spaceman's Color Tools & Charts -
A humongous list of links to all aspects of color! If it isn't here, it probably doesn't exist!

Theorodora's Color Chart -
A very complete general chart, also pastels.

U-L-T-R-A's Giant Color Chart -
Over 500 colors arranged mostly by color family. Shows the hue, the name, the RGB code and the hex code for each. Move cursor over each color and the background changes to that color.

Last updated: September 28, 2014

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