1 Simple Mask, Arcs, Test 65000
2 Heart 1, Heart 2, Circle/Spirals
3 NA-Mask, Navajo Peace Sign, Flower Pot
4 Playboy Bunny, Egyptian Pyramid & Idol, Scallopped Frame
5 Short Tute-Path-Lines, Shue-Fly, Butterfly, Hatter Bug (animated)
6 3-Light Lamp, Lamp 2, Adobe Village, Dragonfly, Circle Thingie, Hot Air Balloon
7 Kat, S-Bird, Rat (or Mouse), Open Book, Face (Tomorrow's Eve), Cyber Bug, Ladies' Hi-Top Shoe, Horse Head
8 Jazz Man, Jazz Man 2, Deer, Western Saddle, Casa de Flo (Spanish style house)
9 Mother and Child, Pumpkin Scarecrow, Sort-of-Christian Fish Symbols, Cute Skeletal Fishie, Spook
10 NA Vase, Silhouette Naked Pregnant Woman, Miss X (woman reading book), Old Lady, Bat
11 Lady in Pants, Animal Vet, Clydesdale Horse, Cactus-Wolf-Moon
12 Haunted House, Witch on Broomstick, Portrait of an Alien, Head Man
13 Grim Reaper, Antique Bicycle, Cyber Peeps, Cowboy Cat
14 Foxy Lady, NA Dog, Piggy Man, Undetermined (face)
15 Snowman, Evergreen Tree, Heart Peeps (valentines), Funny Indian
16 Cowboy, Saloon, Moon-Oval Faces, "Nude" Cowgirl, Hand Sketch
17 Cave Man & Horse, Flamingo, Face-It (wabbit), Tropical Fish, Scalloped Diamond & Corner Decos
18 Doll's Head, Cyber-Ant, Rambola, Frame, Cyber-Cicken
19 Indian & Tom-Tom, 2 Deco Fills, Design, Dog, Cat
Sleeper: How to Convert Polyline to Path

Sleeper's Path Tutorial

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