A Photoshop™ Tutorial

by Florence W. Deems
For this tutorial I am assuming that you know the basics of navigating around in the Photoshop Creative Suite for Photographers™. You can use any Photoshop version from CS3 on.

For this interesting effect, you'll first want to crop off anything from your image that you don't want in the final version. Also, crop off any white or very light-colored areas around the edges, as these could end up being very distracting in the final result. A rectangular image will produce a rectangular result with an oval-shaped raised sphere, as in the title image. If you want a square image containing a perfectly round sphere, you must resize first to square dimensions.
  1. Create a duplicate layer. Below is my squared image:

  2. Under Filter, go to Distort and then Polar Coordinates.

  3. Make sure the "Rectangular to Polar" is checked.

  4. Click on Okay. What I got shows below:

  5. Optional: sometimes, as in the above image, there will be a very pronounced straight vertical line extending from the top down to the center of the image. If you don't like this, then you can try to blend the line, using a very small-sized black brush tool with low opacity. I did this, but didn't take the time and care necessary to make my brushing invisible. You can still see where I worked (below).

  6. Flatten the image. At this point you can "save as" or add a border or frame and/or sign your masterpiece. My result is below.

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