an Image Magick Tute by Flo
Original Result, comp/difference

Part 1:

  1. Select an image and write down its size. Put its url into your Find key. Input it into one of the IMs listed above.

  2. Click on Resize tab. Enter 50% into the box. Click on Resize radio button and the Resize button.

  3. Output as a single file, Image Type Truecolor, Interlace line, quality 100. Harvest the temporary url (keep it in your memory).

  4. Back up one screen and click on Input tab.

  5. Delete the url in the box and leave empty. Scroll down and make a transparent xc background the size of the original image which you wrote down. Scroll up, click on View.

  6. Click on Composite tab. Paste temporary url (in your memory) into the box. Gravity: either Northwest, Northeast, Southwest or Southeast. Depending which part of the original image you want to darken.

  7. Select Over. Click on Compose button.

Part 2: You have now made the mat which you will Effect with Motion Blur.

  1. Click on the Effects tab and then the Motion Blur radio button. Use the following settings, depending on which gravity you used for the Composite:

    First number gives the intensity of the effect, the 2nd number is for the length of the effect, 3rd number gives the direction of the blur.

    • Northwest: 100x200+240

    • Northeast: 100x200+300

    • Southwest: 100x200+135

    • Southeast: 100x200+60

    • North: 100x200+270

    • East: 100x200+360

    • South: 100x200+90

    • West: 100x200+180

    NOTE: the 3rd number sets the DIRECTION of the blur. You want the blur to extend INTO the image FROM the corner or side where the small image is located.

  2. Click on the Effect button.

  3. Click on the Enhance tab. Enter 200 (or so) into the box. Click on the Saturation radio button. Click on the Enhance button.

Part 3: Now you will Composite the original image with this blurred image.

  1. Click on the Composite tab. Delete the temporary url from the box. Paste in the url of the original image (in your Find key).

  2. Select Darken or Difference. Click on the Compose button.

  3. You should see the selected quadrant of your original now darkened with a fairly smooth transition from dark into the lighter areas. Finish your image the way you usually do. Output and save in your File Manager or Page Builder.

NOTE: If you want to darken a half or third of your image, then resize accordingly, shortening width while keeping height the same or vice versa. Remember to then use the exclamation point (!) after the new size in the box.

Also try some of the other Composite filters. Depending on the image, you might get some unusual effects. You can change the color of part of the image, too, rather than just darken it.


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