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I flopped, then added a white border to right side before applying Motion Blur.


  • After inputting a gif or jpeg image into one of the 3 IMs above, click on Effects.

  • Delete the default settings and type either 50x100+135 or 100x200+135 into the box. (Use any number from 0-360 instead of the 135 for blur direction.)

    Use this clock for determining the direction of the blur. If you choose 270, for example, the blur will start at the top and move downwards. Choose 180 and it will start at the left side and more toward the right.

    Click on Motion Blur radio button, then on the Effect button.

    This process will take a while. But if you get timed out or get a pop-up saying "this publisher is too busy to use," then change the first 2 numbers to lower ones, and try again. Arbor tends to deliver pop-ups with high numbers, like the above.

  • On the View screen, you'll see streaks of various colors, plus layers of colors surrounding each other, like the lines on a topographical map.

  • If the colors are light, click on Enhance. Enter 150, 200, or higher. Click on the Saturation radio button, then click on the Enhance button.

  • Click on Colormap. Delete the 256 and type in 10000 (ten thousand). This is your starting point to get many good layers. Uncheck Dither, click on Posterize, then on Quantize.

    If you get a pop-up, change the 10000 to 5000 and try again. If you still get a pop-up, try 2500. Use the highest number under 10000 you can. This will give you the most detail.

  • Click on Effects. Delete the numbers and type in 4x4. Click on Sharpen. Click on Effect.

  • Now the background should be ready to save; to wave or swirl or do other things with it before saving; or to composite with its original or another image.
Before or after going to Colormap, you may want to click on Enhance. Type 10% into the box and click on Contrast-stretch. Sometimes this gives more pleasing results.

After the first Sharpening, try Adaptive Sharpen (also in Effects) at 4x4. This might, or might not, sharpen the lines nearest to the edges more.

TITLE IMAGE: I made a gradient blank, white-turquoise. Annotated, using #0066ff for stroke color. Drew 2 rectangles around the edge: outer was #003399, inner was #0066ff. Effects/Motion Blur @ 75x50+310. Colormap: 5000 colors, uncheck Dither, check Posterize. Enhance/Contast-stretch @ 10%. Output.

Made a transparent XC blank same size. Annotated, using #003399 for stroke color, stroke width 2. Same font and point size. Output as gif, TruecolorMatte.

Put url of gif into Find key. Input BG url at IM and comped the gif over the BG.


Cloud Dancers ~ MB bg ~ Comped with Original

Barn in Meadow ~ MB bg ~ Comped with Original

Colorful Park ~ MB bg

Canyon Lands ~ MB bg

Celtic Forest ~ MB bg

Dream Dancer ~ Comped with Original

Tim Mcgraw ~ Comped with Original
I made the BG below from an original jpg. I applied MB and then Saturation and Sharpen and Rotated (left), then comped the original with it, then applied the MB again, plus Saturation and Sharpen. I don't think I used Colormap at all. The small version of the tiger original is comped over the MB bg that I made from it, using an approach similar to the Red Figure 1.
A final example: Arabian Filly - the original is comped onto the MB bg made from it. I didn't save this bg.

Remember, we are limited only by our imaginations and creativity.

NOTE: You may TL any of these Motion Blur BGs to your own File Manager or Page Builder for your own use. But please do NOT add them to any BG collection and/or claim them as your own creations. These are large file sizes, from about 79 to well over 100 kbs. However, when you comp them with another image, then output at even as high as 80 quality, the file sizes will be 50 kbs or under.

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