An Opalizing Effect

an Image Magick Tute by Florence W Deems
Opalizing is the name I chose for a special color effect we get with many images, such as the title image. This effect simulates carved opals. You use only three simple steps:

  1. Input image into any Image Magick of your choice.

  2. Effects/Emboss @ 5x5

  3. Comp/Difference with Original

  4. Comp/Exclusion with Original

Sometimes you can stop with the Comp/Difference step, as this will give an effect similar to carved Australian Fire Opal. The types of images this technique works best with are those with a wide range of medium and light tones. Areas of dark tones won't "opalize" very well.


Original Emboss 5x5 & Comp/Diff && Comp/Excl

Original Emboss @ 5x5 & Comp/Diff && Comp/Excl

Original Emboss @ 5x5 & Comp/Diff && Comp/Excl

Original Emboss @ 5x5 & Comp/Diff && Comp/Excl

Sometimes, as in the example "Mountain," you might want to stop with the Comp/Difference step. But otherwise, you'll probably want to do the Comp/Exclusion step, too. In "A Kiss," the dark areas stand out. This reminds me of an opal with dark inclusions.

Monday 10th of August 2020 12:15:13 PM

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