Incorporationg Shade
and Gaussian Blur

an Image Magick Tute by Flo
Use a jpg or gif that has a subject with a fairly simple outline and a plain colored background:

  1. Transparentize the background:

    • Input the jpg
    • Scroll down below the image to the Paint. Select blur of 9999, floodfill, matte.
    • Click on the background area.
    • Output as a gif and save.
    • Copy and paste this new url into your Find key. This is the image you will composite over the shadow image.

  2. Use Gaussian Blur in Effects:

    • For a hard shadow: Use the transparentized gif.
      For a softer shadow, use the original jpg.
      Input the image into the IM.

    • Resize this image to 10 pixels wider and 10 pixels higher than its present size. Remember to use the exclamation point right after the height dimension: 320x240!

    • To darken the shadow, go to Effects.

    • Type in 10x10, 20x20 or other numbers.
      Select Shade if you want some color or
      Gray Shade if you want a gray shadow.
      Click on Effect.

    • The background will also darken. At this point, if the bg is too dark, Paint it with the proper hue.

    • Click on Effects again. Set parameters to 10x10, 20x20, or 30x30.
      The larger the numbers, the softer the blur. If you want a harder edge, use 5x5.

      Note: if you are using the gif with the transparent bg, you will get a hard shadow. The blurring will not extend into the transparent area.

    • Click on Gaussian Blur, then Effect.

  3. Composite:

    • Copy the gif url from your Find key and paste it into the box on the Composite page.
    • Set Gravity to Center.
      For a shadow to the left and above the image, Offset +2+2 or more.
      For a shadow to the right and below the image, Offset -5-5 or more.
    • Click on Compose. (This will composite the gif Over the blurred jpg)

    • You can Paint the bg another color now if you wish.

  4. Output as a jpg and save.

Now you will have an image with either a hard or a softened Drop Shadow.

Hard Shadow made with the transparent gif

Soft Shadow made with the original jpg

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