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an Image Magick Tute by Flo

In the first tutorial, Lacey showed us how to use the optional Channel in Effects/Blur. Below are additional things to do, such as following the Channel/Blur with Compositing, or stacking the Channels one after the other.

Original, made using one of Sleeper's bezier settings Result

  1. Input

  2. Output as Bilevel, get temporary url

  3. Back key to original

  4. Effects/Blur @ 100x100, channel Blue

  5. Same as #4, channel Green

  6. Comp/Lighten with Bilevel from #2

  7. Rotate left

  8. Output

Original Result


  1. Effects: Blur @ 100x100, Channel All.

  2. Comp/Exclusion with Original

  3. Enhance/Blur @ 100x100, Channel Red

  4. Repeat above, Channel Green, then Blue, Cyan, Magenta. (Yellow washed it all out)

  5. Comp/Diference with Original

  6. Output

Working with Black & White Images:

Original Result


  1. Effects/Blur, setting @ 100x100, Channel/All

  2. Comp/Exclusion with original

  3. Effects/Blur, 100x100, Channel/Red

  4. Repeat above, Channel Green, then Cyan, Magenta

  5. Comp/Difference with Original

  6. Enhance/Equalize

  7. Enhance/Gamma @ 1.7,1.0,0.7

  8. Output

In that particular sequence, Blue (after Green) and Yellow (after Cyan) wipe out the figure, so I omitted them.

This result almost looks like F/X:Solarization of the darkest areas (tone rather than color).

Lacey's Tutorial

Sunday 31st of May 2020 11:41:14 AM

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