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This tutorial is an extension of the Channel-Blur tutorials by Lacey and Flo (Effects/Blur). So please read them and try out those techniques first, before you try this.

When you use the optional Channel drop-down box in Effects, you'll see a new box beside it, called Virtual Pixel Technique. Click on this box and scroll down to Transparent. This is what we'll be using for this tutorial.

DIRECTIONS - To create something similar to the title image:

  1. Make a white or other color xc bg 300x300 (do not use black or transparent)

  2. Effects/Blur @ 100x100; channel blue; Virtual Pixels transparent

  3. Effects/Blur @ 75x75; channel cyan; VP transparent

  4. Effects/Blur @ 50x50; channel green; VP transparent

  5. Effects/Blur; @ 25x25; channel blue; VP transparent

Your bg should now have a gradient border about 100 pixels wide. Try out different channel color combinations. Use less than 4 different channels, if you wish. Gradient bgs also produce interesting borders with this technique.

If, as in the example above, the bg is blank, then only the opposite color of the selected channel with appear as the border, at least for the first channel/blur. The subsequent channel/blurs applied to this bg may or may not produce the opposite color. You just have to try them out and use the Back key if you don't like the result.

If you use an image with the subject in the center, the channel color will produce a glow of the selected color around and sometimes through the subject. The color opposite the selected color will form the border. Half the time, the third Channel/Blur will cause the whole image to blur. So then you have to Composite it with the original image. Usually Difference works well, but do try some of the others, too.

See Lacey's tute (link below) for using images with this technique. And do notice that she does it a little differently from my method.

Please click on the following links to see this technique in action, with directions for each image.

Blues Warrior Lady ~ The Browns ~ Mi Casa

In the Blue ~ In the Glow

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