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Rectangles in Draw are as simple as Lines to make. You need to specify only two points, the upper left corner and the lower right corner.

Primitive: Rectangles

Gravity: This tool always measures starting from the upper left (northwest) corner.


  1. With the image entered into an IM, put the cursor around the image and click. When the cursor square turns blue and the arrow shows centered, use the arrow keys to move the big arrow to where you want the UPPER LEFT corner of the Rectangle to be.

  2. On the next screen, scroll below the image to see the two numbers that appear to the left. Let's say they are 20,45. Write them down.

  3. Repeat, moving the large arrow to where you want the LOWER RIGHT corner of the Rectangle to be. Again, copy those two numbers to the left, below the image. Let's say they are 130,200.

  4. Make sure you have changed the Primitive from Line to Rectangle. Enter the two sets of numbers into the box:

    20,45 130,200. Leave a space between the first and 2nd sets. (You can also type them this way: +20+45 +130+200)

  5. Choose Fill Color, Stroke Color and Stroke Width. Click on Draw.

And that's the simple process! Study the examples below.

Above is the title image before annotating. It is 450x100. Both blues and the orange are rectangles. What makes them look different is their Stroke Colors and their Stroke Widths.

Wide Blue: 5,5 444,94; Stroke Width=10

Orange: 15,15 434,84; Stroke Width=2

Narrow Blue: 20,20 429,79; Stroke Width=2

The next example (above) is 300x300 (with a dark gray border, since its bgcolor is same as the page). This time I also used Fill Color. Stroke Widths are all 3.

Blue: 10,10 290,190; Fill Color=none

Green: 100,1 200,199; Fill Color=#ccffcc

Red: 10,50 290,150; Fill Color=#ffcccc

Rectangles are often used to draw decorative borders around images.

African Abstract. Three different colored Rectangles as a frame.
Dolphin Dreaming. Two tones of blue for the frame.
Mirrored Bottles. The Rectangle acts as part of the frame.
PC from Hell. Only part of the yellow Rectangle shows, as it is rotated. In this case, it is part of the image, rather than a frame.


We can use the other Optional features on the Draw screen, too, and make the rectangles look unusual. Try the Skew X and Skew Y to see which one best suits your purpose. See the example below:

1,1 80,99 20,1 99,99 1,1 99,79 1,20 99,99


I wanted to see what would happen if I made the vertical settings reversed; or the horizontal settings reversed. I was hoping for crossed lines. No such luck!

Actual settings:
Green: 10,100 190,50
Blue: 100,10 50,190

IM's automatic correction resulted in the proper positioning with these settings:
Green: 10,50 190,100
Blue: 50,10 100,190

Remember: We are limited only in our imaginations and creativity.

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