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an Image Magick Tute by Flo
  1. Take an image of about 300x300 pixels to Image Magick:

  2. Input the url of your image into the box and click on "view."

  3. Click on "Draw" tab near top of page.

  4. Under "Primitive" click on "round rectangle."

  5. Scroll down to "Optional." You'll probably not want any "Fill Color" (none or make it blank). "Stroke Color" will be the actual border of the rectangle, so set either color name or hex code (blue or #0000ff). Set "Stroke Width" to 1-4 or however wide you want this to be. Ignore the other stuff. Scroll up to "Coordinates."

  6. First set of numbers determines the location on the image of the rectangle's UPPER LEFT corner. We'll use 15,15 ~ This means 15 pixels over from the left edge (x) and 15 pixels down from the top edge (y).

  7. Second set of numbers determines the location of the LOWER RIGHT corner. SUBTRACT pixels from the width and height coordinates of the image, in this case 300x300. We'll subtract 15, giving 285,285.

  8. Enter these numbers into the box:

    15,15 285,285 (leave a space between each pair)

  9. If this were a regular rectangle with square corners, this is all we'd need. A round rectangle has rounded corners. So we need a third set of coords. This sets the number of pixels, horizontally and vertically, for where the rounding starts.

    We'll use 20 pixels from the left side and 20 from the top, giving 20,20.

  10. We'll type these numbers into the coodinates box:

    15,15 285,285 20,20

  11. Click on "Draw"

  12. You'll see the image with a round rectangle near the edges of your 300x300 image.

  13. Use "Back" key to make any changes. Output as usual.

15,15 285,285 20,20
50,50 250,250 50,50
100,75 200,225 10,30
25,130 275,170 30,50
Advanced Draw - RR Bars

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