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Imaging Artists NG

  Round Rectangles can be very useful, once we get past the concept that a rectangle is used for framing. Below are examples shared by people from the Former Imaging Artists News Group. Lots of unusual applications of this Draw feature at Image Magick. Some of these unusually shaped Round Rectangles will be evident in some of the images, but hidden in others. See if you can locate the hidden ones, too.

Alphabetically: Clo, Diggi & Flo (this page)

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" RR Frame" by Clotier

"Eye 1" by Clotier

"Stepping Out In Style" by Clotier

"Pop the Cork" by Clotier

"Perched Precariously" by Clotier

"NA Woman" by Diggi

"Spacific" by Diggi

"Apparition" by Diggi

"Crosshatch" by Diggi

"Flowers 1" by Diggi

"Beautiful Portrait" by Flo

"Mirrored Dancer" by Flo

"Segmented" by Flo

"Encapsulated" by Flo

"Lady's Bower" by Flo

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