by JEAN (lnjweaver) and FLO (tonebytone)
  1. BG width = 600

  2. First set of #'s = +60+20
    60 in from the left side.. 20 down from the top

  3. 2nd set #'s = 540+20
    540-width of bar... 20 is the distance from the top..(as in first set)

  4. 3rd set #'s ... are in reference to the ends..
    -23+13.... the lower the number.. the shorter the ends... if you want longer ends... use a higher number.

  5. Stroke width is 10.

Stroke Color Only

Flo's Co-ords: Violet= +60+20 +540+20 -20+13
Indigo= +60+60 +540+60 -60+13



Fill and Stroke Colors

Jean's: #1=teal/#060606; #2=lime/indigo; #3=blue/gray


Doing the Math
  1. Make a 500x50 bg.

  2. First & 2nd sets of numbers: +100+25 +400+25

  3. With this, your bar will start 100 pixels in from both sides.

  4. Third set: -75+13 (fill & stroke colors, and stroke width=10)
    BUT the -75 will cause the solid stroke color to "back up" 75 pixels from 100 to 25; and "go forward" 75 from 400 to 475. The solid ends will now be 75 pixels long each.
See example below.

HINT: to make trumpet shapes on the ends:

  1. Reverse the minus and plus signs in the third set of numbers.

  2. Start with 2nd number of 3rd set at -13

  3. Increase by 2 to increase height of the flare of the trumpet's bell.

  4. Lower the stroke width to 2 or 3 so the fill color shows up.
See examples in the links below. Also here's Jean's additional tute on this particular shape of RR bar: Jean's Deco Lamps Tute

From Ron (Puzzleman) we have a different form of RR bar:

420x50 background. Settings: +12+17 +404x400 +90+90

Note the X in the 2nd set of numbers.
That seems to be the key to this shape of bar.

Also, please check out Jean's brand new tute
(Feb 7, 2006) for Deco Lights.

Examples of Creative Uses of Round Rectangles
By members of the Imaging Artists NG


Here are 2 pages of RR Bars:

For dark bgs

For white or light bgs
Flo's Image Magick Draw Tutes

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