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an Image Magick Tute by Flo
If you have never used Draw/Lines, please go to the Simple Lines tutorial before reading this.

You will find Skew X and Skew Y in the Options section on the Draw screen. You type in the parameters for each of these in their own boxes, not in the upper parameters box above the Options section.

In the Options of Draw, find the two Skews: X and Y.

Skew X shifts a line horizontally.

Skew X @ 10 shifts it to the right.

Skew X @ -10 (minus ten) shifts to the left.

Skew Y tilts a line.

Skew Y @ 10 tilts it down from the left end. (Lowers the right end)

Skew Y @ -10 (minus ten) tilts it up from the left end. (Raises the right end)

A = Original position
B = Skew X @ 10
C = Skew X @ -10
D = Skew Y @ 10
E = Skew Y @ -10

To duplicate the image above:

  1. Take a plain white background image of 200x200 pixels to any of the Image Magick tool sites. The one I use is Arbor Hosting IM:

  2. Click on Draw. Lines is the Primitive we'll be working with and it's already selected. Delete the settings in the textbox, then enter these settings:

    For A: +30+15 +190+15 SW=2; SC=#000099
    For B: +30+44 +190+44 SW & SC same; Skew X @ 10
    For C: +30+68 +190+68 SW & SC same; Skew X @ -10
    For D: +30+96 +190+96 SW & SC same; Skew Y @ 10
    For E: +30+124 +190+124 SW & SC same; Skew Y @ -10

  3. Draw each Line separately, of course.

Remember: We are limited only in our imaginations and creativity.

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