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an Image Magick Tute by Flo
If you have never used Draw/Lines, please go to the Simple Lines tutorial before reading this.

You will find Rotate in the Options section on the Draw screen. You type in the parameters for Rotate in its own box, not in the upper parameters box above the Options section.

  1. Take a plain white background image of 200x200 pixels to any of the Image Magick tool sites. The one I use is Arbor Hosting IM:

  2. Click on Draw, delete the settings, then enter these settings:

    +0+180 +200+180

    OR: 0,180 200,180 (Be sure to leave a space between the first and 2nd sets of numbers, whether using + or commas.)

  3. Delete Fill Color. Stroke Color = #000033. Stroke Width = 2. Click on Draw.

  4. Notice where the line appears on the image.

  5. Click on Draw again. Leave settings as is, except for Stroke color - change to #000066. Scroll down to Rotate. Delete the 0.0 and type in -10 (minus 10). Click on Draw.

  6. Repeat step 5 several times. Each time change only the Stroke Color and the Rotate (-20 and -30 and so on).

Below is an image with the rotations set in increments of minus 10 degrees each time:

To rotate a Line the opposite direction, with the left end higher than the right end ought to be simple. BUT, Image Magick will NOT rotate lines in the positive direction!

So Draw the Line, rotated with a minus number, as above, then go to Transform/Flop or Flip and leave the Line settings the same. Click on Draw again.

This is what I had to do to make the Title image. The slanted line at the bottom right is the ONLY one that will Draw, using Rotate.

OR click on the Skewing Lines tute below.

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