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an Image Magick Tute by Flo
Poly means "many." Please refer to my Tips page from my Lines tute if you need to refresh your memory about Lines.

Gravity: It's set at "Northwest" for ALL Draws. This tool always measures starting from the upper left (northwest) corner.


  1. Select Polyline from the list of Primitives.

  2. You'll need at least 3 pairs of numbers:
    • a) where the line starts;

    • b) the end of the first straight section;

    • c) the end of the Polyline.

    Example: 10,10 (start of line); 60,10 (end of first straight line, in this case horizontal); 60,100 (line turns to go down to 100 pixels)

  3. Select Stroke Color and Width. Delete the Fill Color. (See Examples below for use of Fill Color)

The above coords will give you a line that looks like the top and right side of a rectangle. You can stop with this much, or continue adding pairs of numbers to make the line go wherever you want it to go with any zig-zag type of shape.


  1. Select Polygon from the list of Primitives.

  2. After you have typed in the pairs of numbers for the starting and middle points, you do NOT have to type in the last pair of numbers that is the same as the starting pair, thus closing the Line and making an Enclosed Shape, or Polygon. Guess what? Choosing the Polygon Primitive automatically closes up the figure! My thanks go to Dianna for pointing this out to me!

    Example: 10,10 60,10 60,100 10,10

    The above will give you a triangle shape.

  3. You can use Fill Color as well as Stroke Color and Stroke Width, esp if you wish the outline to be a different color from the Fill.

    Or you can use just the Fill Color, delete Stroke Color and Width.

Also try the Translate, Scale and other Options to see how they affect Polylines and Polygons.


Polyline Stroke Color Only Polyline Stroke & Fill Colors

Polygon Fill Color Only Polygon Stroke & Fill Colors


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Remember: We are limited only in our imaginations and creativity.

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