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Drawing "wedgies" involves three steps. First making an XC or other kind of background. Next, drawing an Ellipse. Finally, drawing a Polyline.

Wedgies can be short and fat (very wide), or long and skinny, as in the title image. They can be an outline only, or have the Fill Color the same as or different from the Stroke Color. If only a Fill Color is used, there may be an open space of a pixel or two between the Ellipse and the Polyline.

Remember that when using Ellipse, that the order of specifying the angles proceeds Clockwise around from the starting point at 3 o'clock. Please consult Flo's Ellipse tute if you need to refresh your memory about how Ellipses behave.

See some examples below. All are 60-degree Ellipses drawn on 200x200 XC transparent backgrounds.

Ellipse: 0,100 200,200 330,30
Polyline: 172,0 0,100 172,200
Ellipse: 0,0 200,200 30,90
Polyline: 172,100 0,0 0,200
Ellipse: 200,0 200,200 90,150
Polyline: 28,100 200,0 200,200
Ellipse: 200,100 200,200 150,210
Polyline: 28,0 200,100 28,200

XC bg: white, 450x60
Ellipse: 0,30 450,60 330,30
Polyline: 390,0 0,30 390,60

The wedgies above all have the point at the same place as the center of the Ellipses. Try moving the point away from the Ellipse center to get skewed-looking wedgies, as in the examples below:

Ellipse: 0,100 200,100 300,60
Polyline: 100,15 0,150 100,186
Ellipse: 50,200 150,200 250,300
Polyline: 0,12 150,200 125,7


  1. Be prepared to be frustrated and use the Back key often!

  2. After drawing the Ellipse, it's best to use the point and click method to get the coords at the ends of the arc.

  3. Output as png instead of gif, to get a smoother curve and sloping lines. Also check TruecolorMatte for the Image Type, if you have drawn on a transparent bg. The file sizes will be small.

  4. When you composite these wedgies with another image, then it doesn't matter if you output as jpeg or gif. Use just plain Truecolor as the Image Type.

Here's a practical application for drawing wedgies. I wanted to draw a color wheel. So I made each wedgie and then composited them together to produce the following color wheel of light:

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