an Image Magick Tute by Flo
Gravity: It's set at "Northwest" for ALL Draws. This tool always measures starting from the upper left (northwest) corner.

  1. Input any image into the IM of your choice. Note its dimensions.

  2. When you see the View screen, click on Output.

  3. Click on the Clipboard radio button. Select other Options. Click on Output. You will get the Output view screen. There's no need to save a temporary url. The clipboard takes the place of doing this.

  4. Click on the Input tab again.

  5. Delete the image url from the box and leave blank. Scroll down and make any background. Make it the size of the image that you now have in the Clipboard. Click on View.

  6. When you get the View screen, click on Draw.

  7. Select any primitive that totally encloses a space: Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon. Enter the proper coords. You probably will want the Draw Primitive centered on the bg. Delete Fill Color and leave blank. Choose Stoke Color and a Stroke Width of at least 2. Do NOT click on Draw yet.

  8. Scroll down to the bottom. Check the box that says "Paint the draw primitive with the clipboard image." Now click on Draw.

  9. On the View screen you will see your image inside the Circle or other primitive. Outside the primitive will be the color or pattern of the bg you made.


The Primitive is Ellipse; xc bg is black;
other Ellipse Draw to decorate the borders.
The Primitive is Ellipse; xc bg is black.


Original Result

As you can see, the result above tiled the original. What happened? The original's size is 244x289. After it was output to the clipboard, then I made a black bg 300x350, which is larger than the original. This particular Draw feature will tile any image that's smaller than the bg upon which we draw the primitive. So this is a useful feature for backgrounds, but not useful for ordinary images, if they are smaller than the Draw bg.


Original is 117x128. Primitive is Polygon. Xc bg 300x300, color saddlebrown. Original is 96x96. Primitive is Round Rectangle.
Draw, Transform/rotate left, repeat Draw.
Xc bg 300x300, color #692301.

Another example of using a bg image to "paint" inside a shape. In this case it is a Round Rectangle drawn on a white xc bg.

One more: I drew a polygon by entering numbers willy nilly and came up with a form that I flopped and duplicated, each time using this technique with the woodgrain bg. Then I drew an ellipse. Here's the result.

Remember: We are limited only in our imaginations and creativity.

Another use for the Clipboard. Moondogee shows us how
in his Clipboard Morphimations tute.

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