an Image Magick Tute by Flo
  1. Take an image of about 300x300 pixels to:

  2. Input the url of your image into the box and click on "view."

  3. Click on "Draw" tab near top of page.

  4. Under "Primitive" click on "circle."

  5. Scroll down to "Optional" and choose "Fill Color" (none, color name or hex code). Do same with "Stroke Color" (circumference). Set "Stroke Width" to 1-4 or however wide you want this to be. Ignore the other stuff. Scroll up to "Coordinates."

  6. First set of numbers determines the location on the image of the circle's center. We'll use 150,150 - this means 150 pixels over from the left edge (x) and 150 pixels down from the top edge (y).

  7. Second set of numbers determines the radius/diameter. SUBTRACT pixels from the x and y coordinates given above. We'll subtract 10, giving 140,140.

  8. Enter these numbers into the box:

    150,150 140,140 (leave a space between each pair)

  9. Click on "Draw"

  10. You'll see the image with a 20-pixel diameter circle centered in your 300x300 image.

  11. Use "Back" key to make any changes. Output as usual.
Here is an example of two circles and a rectangle. The coordinates for each are given in the same color as the shape. To make this, you would do each circle separately, then change the Primitive box to "Rectangle" and enter the coords, colors, stroke width for the rectangle:

NOTE: Recently (May, 2006) the IMs have been drawing circles that are larger than what people want. If this is happening with the circles you want to draw, then use the Ellipse tool. Here is my Ellipse tute.
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Circles & Lines drawn at Arbor IM

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