An Image Magick Tutorial

by Florence W. Deems

This tutorial assumes the you know how to input an image into Image Magick and how to output it when you are finished with it.

Sometimes you'll want to put a frame or border around an image. So upload/input an image into the Image Magick of your choice. Then click on the Decorate tab - second row in the center in the tabs at the top of the page. The original I used is below.

The original image.

Geometry: 15x15+3+3 is the default. This will produce a frame of 15 pixels wide with a shadowed effect of 3 pixels inside and 3 outside of the frame. But the total width will still be 15 pixels. If you want a larger or smaller frame size, just change the numbers in this box.

Color: In the image below, I changed the gray default to saddlebrown.

Choose: the default is "frame." But you have a choice of "border" - if you want just a flat-looking band of color around the image. Or "raise" - a frame without the beveled outer edge. Or "Sunken" - a frame without the beveled outer edge. Check out these two last to see which, if either, you may like.

Click on the "Decorate" box. The next screen will show you the result. If you like this, you can continue to output. If you want to change something, just click your browser's back button.

Output: I always output Format as a jpeg, so select that option from the menu. Then I click on Storage Type and choose "single file" from that menu. Now come the Output Properties. Image Type, choose "truecolor." Next to this is Compress. I always choose "lossless jpeg" from this menu. This is all you need to do before clicking on the Output tab at the page top.

But if you wish, you can add comments down below in the appropriate box. And then scroll up and click on Output.

The framed image.

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